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This guy (whoever he is) was the first one to wear the liar mask. He filled in sometime between Greg Welts and Brandon Darner.

He was in a photoshoot with the band, which was taken shortly after the record signing event with Roadrunner Records (which took place on July 8 1998).

He performed at least one show with Slipknot, on July 17 at the Safari Club. He may have also performed at 2 other shows on July 3 and July 4 at Pearson Lakes Art Center. (Cuddles was fired on July 6, but apparently he didn't perform at those 2 shows, before)


  • It's not Chris Fehn because he never did a photoshoot with Josh Brainard.
    • Josh said in an interview, that the only photoshoot he did for the self titled album was just for the cover[1] (which was taken before Chris joined), and Anthony Stevens wore the mask during that shoot, (Anthony only did the cover shoot).
    • Chris Fehn's first photoshoot with the band, was early 1999, when Jim Root wore the black bondage mask.
    • On the "Slipknot History" website, it says on the story of "Self-Titled", that Chris didn't record anything on that album[2], and on this photo of a song chart used for the Indigo Sessions, you can see drawings of each member at the top but no drawing of Chris. (Just more proof it's not Chris, and he joined later)
  • It's not Brandon Darner, because he never did a photoshoot with the band, he just did one show (August 15) then left.
  • In the group photos (below), the band is wearing the same dark blue jumpsuits, they wore during the signing with Roadrunner Records (photo here)

Who It Could Be

Matt Nyberg (lead singer of FaceCage): he is a friend of the band and has done a couple shows with them from 1997-2002. He is also known as the "first maggot".

Jake Ludington (former owner of the Safari Club): he sold the Safari Club, which apparently pissed off Shawn. So, he could be the guy and after selling the club he was kicked out.

Damon "Tony" Gray (Paul's brother): he was the band's first roadie. He could have filled in for a show or 2, after Greg left. (as we know, that roadies have become percussion replacements in the past)

It could also be one of the "gimps", "Slick Rick" (Greg's friend) or Lanny Maccleary


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