This page contains all of the Templates used for the Wiki that I have set up, to view a template for use, simply go into Edit and through there you can enter "Source" editing to view the code that is required for making the template appear, codes, in most cases, appear as a word withing 4 {'s, like the RoadRunner Copyright Box and Stub box.. While others such as the Infobox requite more complex coding and customization..

InfoBox Edit

Slipknot Wiki
Year 2009
Songs Plenty
Recording Victoria BC, Canada
Rating 10/10
Producer Chris Jeremic (THE GMoD)

RoadRunner Image Copyright Edit

To use (add) this template - {{Roadrunner}}

Stub Edit

Adding {{Stub}} to a page gives this:

Band MembersEdit

adding {{BandMembers}} gives this list of members;

Slipknot members
Current Members: Sid Wilson | Jim Root | Shawn Crahan | Craig Jones | Mick Thomson | Corey Taylor
Former Members: Paul Gray | Greg Welts | Brandon Darner | Josh Brainard | Anders Colsefini | Donnie Steele | John Green | Quan Nong | Patrick M. Neuwirth | Joey Jordison | Chris Fehn


Adding {{Documentation}} adds a standard Documenttation page (normally used on template pages to add the usage notes. The notes are on a separated sub page "Template:name of template/doc"

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template currently doesn't have any documentation! Help out by writing some.

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MFKR1 PictureEdit

Adding {{MFKR1}} gives this copyright image.

Mfkr1This picture is from