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Sidney George Wilson (born January 20, 1977), known as Sid Wilson, is a turntablist for the musical group Slipknot. He also tours as DJ Starscream, a name taken from the popular 1980s television show Transformers (of which he has the shows symbols tattooed on the backs of his hands). He is currently signed to Japanese/US label Nitrous Oxide (N20) records. He performs jungle music. He has a big following in Japan, as most of his CDs are released there first and recently collaborated with The Mad Capsule Markets vocalist Kyono on a song called 'HAKAI (Deathtroy)' for the Death Note movie soundtrack He currently is involved with Ampt, with fellow N20 artist Rob Gee and The Sound Proof Coalition, whom he used to be a member of.

Personal life and career

Sid Wilson was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. He performs in the American band Slipknot, and also tours as DJ Starscream, a name which is derived from the Transformers character of the same name. He is a fan of the Transformers franchise and has Transformer tattoos. Musically within Slipknot, Wilson contributes scratching and background noises. He is also known to stage dive in Slipknot's early years, and in 2008, he broke both his heels when he jumped ten feet from the stage.

Outside Slipknot, Wilson has made a following in Japan as a jungle musician, under the pseudonym DJ Starscream, and is currently signed to the Japanese record label N2O Records. He collaborated with The Mad Capsule Markets vocalist Hiroshi Kyono on a song called "HAKAI (Deathtroy)" released on The Songs for Death Note the Movie: The Last Name Tribute, a tribute album dedicated to the live action movie for the second Death Note film. A remix of the track also appeared on the Wagdug Futuristic Unity mini-album Nu Riot and 2008 album Hakai.

As of August 2010, he is touring with his solo band SID. He is the lead vocalist of the band. Wilson went on tour with his solo band, his last tour date was on September 5, 2010, at a music venue called Another Hole In The Wall, located in Steger, Illinois. He stated, "This is the best stop on the tour, I loved the crowd reaction. It really made me feel like I got back to my roots." He also said that he will be touring with his solo project for a year or two. The debut album "SID" was released on September 13, 2011, for digital download. In 2013 he was a support act for Vamps at their shows in Los Angeles and New York.


As DJ Starscream

  • Starscream Throwback Mix (1996)
  • Full Metal Scratch-It (2003)
  • Abunaii Sounds - Tataku On Your Atama (2003)
  • Sound Assault (2005)
  • Live at Konkrete Jungle New York City (2005)
  • The New Leader (2006)
  • This Is Full Metal Jungle Vol. 1 (2008)
  • King of the Jungle Vol. 1 (with N8 Loc, Tony Markham, SK da' Junglist) (2017)


  • SID (2011)
  • Repeat (with Keen) (2011)
  • Sexcapades of the Hopeless Robotic (2018)
  • Sexcapades of the Hopeless Robotic, Vol. 2 (2019)


During his time with Slipknot, Sid's mask has been, for the most part, based on gas masks. During the tours for 'Slipknot' and 'Iowa', Sid wore various different types of gas masks, including ones that had been customized to resemble skulls. During the 'Volume Three: The Subliminal Verses' tour, Sid grew his hair long and began to wear various masks that simply resembled skulls, shying away from the gas-mask concept. In promotional photos for 'All Hope is Gone' and during the tour for the album, Sid changed his mask again, this time, to resemble a robot. He once again cut his hair short and dyed it red. The eyebrows of the mask are able to be controlled by Sid, allowing him to make various expressions.

After the death of bassist Paul Gray in 2010, and during the subsequent 'Memorial World Tour', Sid, in keeping with the rest of the band, reverted back to his old mask and red jumpsuit, worn during the self-titled album tour, as a tribute to Gray.

In 2013 Sid announced a new mask and he debuted his mask over the weekend at Ozzfest Japan in Tokyo.



Replica Masks



  • Sid was born with 6 fingers on each hand, they were amputated at birth.
  • He appears in Avril Lavigne's music video "Rock and Roll", as Sgt. Terror.
  • The alien language Sid speaks in interviews is actually Geonosian, one of the alien languages featured in Star Wars.

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