1. Of course, NO vandalism. Why mess up my hours of work just to have a small laugh as I ban you and simply "undo" your change.
  2. You can not say Slipknot Sucks!
  3. You can not say a song sucks
  4. you can not say an album sucks
  5. you can not say a member sucks
  6. you can not say a member is not needed
  7. you can not, not read the rules
  8. No satanist or racist remarks
  9. Any editors have permission to add the Stub template as long as it fits the page. It is on the Templates Page.

Before You EditEdit

  1. Read The Rules... Duh
  2. Know what you came in to post, take some references. Do not just say something that is not true.
  3. Be aware that edits may be reversed is the admin (ME) is not happy with that you wrote.
  4. Be aware that edits may be re-written if they have gramatical errors or are poorly written

/+-=Owner, Slipknot Wiki- THE GMoD=-+\ 08:29, March 22, 2010 (UTC)