Patrick M. Neuwirth was born in Des Moines, Iowa in the 1970's. He grew up with his mother and father. He hated school and found solace in playing guitar and welding.

He first met Shawn at the Flop House, which was a place they hanged out in high school. They met again a few years later and became friends. He describes himself as an honorary member of Shawn's band "Headz On The Wall" witch also included Quan Nong on guitar and a bass player named Doug McDonald. Once the band ended Shawn moved to a artist commune called "Studio 11" in downtown Des Moines, where they hung out playing music and drinking with another bass player and singer, and came up with such songs as "Skull Fuck Lobotomy". Patrick and Shawn met Andy and Paul at a place called the Runaway, where Headz would play all ages shows. They then used to sneak Andy and Paul into Hairy Mary's to see real music, and some point after that they got together in Paul's basement and pounded out some songs.

They named themselves Painface, and while in Paul's basement they recorded songs called Slipknot, Idiot, What's Wrong, Gently and Wise Up. Although they recorded songs Patrick never played any shows with them. He used a Fender Strar plugged into a tubeworks 350 watt head and a 4-10 cabinet. He also had a Woodson PA head with 2: 4-12 tower cabinets that he thinks he used on the recordings. The only effects he used was an Ernie Bell Wa-Wa Pedal.

The band disbanded as Paul was being kicked out of his house and they had nowhere to play. In July of 1995 Paul left Des Moines for Dallas, in order to help his sister re-model her house, he has been there ever since.

He is currently an artist, designing metal furniture and selling it across the country. He is carrying on with a concept he and Shawn came up with after the Painface Days.

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