Slipknot Wiki

Screaming Mad George (IG: screamingmadgeorge)

Bob Basset (IG: bobbasset)

  • Sid Wilson's Gray Chapter Mask
  • Sid Wilson's The End, So Far Masks

Laney Chantal (IG: laneychantal)

Tom Savini (IG: thetomsavini)

Jim Ojala (IG: ojalafx)

Connor Deless (IG: connordeless)

  • Corey Taylor's The End, So Far Mask

Ralis Kahn (IG: ralis_kahn)

  • Shawn Crahan's MayhemFest Iowa variant Mask
  • Corey Taylor's Sonisphere Slamm Dummy Mask
  • Sid Wilson's All Hope Is Gone Mask
  • Purgatory Masks
  • Maggot Mask

Joann Cdebaca

  • Shawn Crahan's Grammy (black) West German Clown mask
  • "Museum Clown" mask
  • "Antique Clown" mask


Paul J. Vick (IG: perfectugly)

  • Witness Masks (The Dying Song - Music Video)

Viken Koundakjian

  • Leather straps and modifications around 2000, possibly earlier.

Mask Companies

These companies made masks that members of Slipknot, modified and used during the M.F.K.R. era to the Self-Titled era.

Company Name of Mask Worn by Modified by
Tyco Slamm Dummy Mask Corey Taylor
Paper Magic Group Ghost Glow Mask
West Germany Tramp Old Man Brandon Darner
Clown Shawn Crahan
Ben Cooper Latex Clown
Ronald Reagan
Savage Eye Safari Clown
Distortions Unlimited Liar (original) Chris Fehn Chantel Crahan
Baby Face Greg Welts
Battered Hockey Mask Mick Thomas
Topstone Grey Wolf Craig Jones
DollarDays Space Robot Helmet
Gray Cover Up Hairless Clown
Gerard Enterprises Pig Face Paul Gray
Rubie's Executioner's Hood Josh Brainard
Forum Novelties Evil Jester James Root
Cesar Blank Female Joey Jordison
Celebrations Dalmation Sid Wilson
Maskimals Reindeer