The Maggot Mask on the cover of Vol .3

During the Vol. 3 era Slipknot introduced their "Maggot mask". The mask was designed by Shawn, and was featured on the cover art of the Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) album, and in the music video for "Vermilion". The mask is made of an old, weathered leather looking material. Most of the mask is very creased and features a large zipper in the mouth area, and an additional patch of material on the chin, nose and forehead area.

It also features two large straps on the sides above and below the ears. There was also a latex version of the mask which was produced for the fans, as part of Slipknot's official merchandise.

Clown: When I go to do work for a band or Slipknot and I’m looking for concepts, I have hundreds and hundreds of photos that I revise and go through. And when I was working on Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses, there was a theme I needed to figure out. At the time, we were in a real weird place together as a band. We were reuniting and rehabilitating ourselves after the hellish Iowa cycle. So I kept asking myself, “What is it that ties us together?” And the answer has always been

The Maggot Mask in the Vermillion music video

our fans. We wouldn’t be where we’re at if it wasn’t for our fans. So I felt like I needed to have something on the cover that represented that, and that’s how I came up with the maggot mask that we ended up using.