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Here are all the (known) unreleased songs by Slipknot.

Anders Colsefni's Songs

Corey Taylor's Songs

Shawn Crahan's Songs


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Title Original
"Hybrid Moments" Misfits According to Anders; the band performed the song live once, and they did it all slow and doom-like.[citation needed]
"The Humpty Dance" Digital Underground The band performed the song only once at Super Toad Entertainment Center in Des Moines, Iowa on December 20, 1997.[1]
"Funky Town" Lipps, Inc. Anders and Josh sang the song together, at Clearwater Beach in Des Moines Iowa on August 17, 1996. There was a snippet of the song on, posted on December 3, 2021. It was hidden and could only be accessed by clicking on a tiny skull. (Snippet).


Songs which were thought to be by Slipknot, but were later found out not to be.

Title Original
"What's Wrong" Painface Studio demo.
"Idiot" Studio demo.
"Hate" Stone Sour The track is really called "All I Know".
"Black Heart" V-Mob The track is really titled "Hurt Me".
"Lactate Freely" None Both are just lyrics from "Dogfish Rising"
"Black 'N' Decker Dildos"