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Kun Nong was the guitarist of Shawn Crahan's first band, Heads on the Wall. He played with them from 1991 to 1992. In September 1995, Kun joined Shawn's band, which didn't have a name at the time, but some people just called it "The Pale Ones." However, after around six practice sessions, it became clear that their music didn't fit his style, as he was more of an alternative/punk player. Consequently, he quit the band without ever recording or playing live with them. It's unknown if he ever joined any other bands later in his life or what became of him.



  • His name is often written as "Quan Nong" on the internet, with his nickname said to be "Meld". Both are incorrect, according to Anders Colsefni.[1]
  • Kun and his daughter are in a guitar duo called "The Motofingers".
  • Kun was in 2 high-school bands, one was probably called "Cry" (with Shawn Crahan and Mike Allen), they performed 4 cover songs at a school talent show, Kun (apparently) has a VHS of the show. The other band was called Independent Solution (with Shawn and Pat McCabe), they performed at a Senior Veriety Show.


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