Killers Are Quiet is the eighth song on the album Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat.


Slipknot - Killers Are Quiet -MFKR-

Slipknot - Killers Are Quiet -MFKR-

Cycle of life and death supposedly

goes 'round and 'round yet it stops with me

Glorious hunter of my faith I have sinned

Killers are quiet like the the breath of the wind

Filling the shadows with forms of my own

Raised by kindred of Get I was born

Abomination world in disarray

Killers are quiet when they seek the vitae

Reflection beckons a portal shard

Spiritual quest I must stay in guard

Stepping sideways between worlds I shift

Killers are quiet when they are born with the gift

Beautiful Anguish cast out by my race

Now one that's Ageless I save my own face

I write my own laws with Death I break bread

Killers are quiet when they come from my head


Review from

"Finally, the sprawling conclusion. At nearly 11 minutes in length, one would expect something Tool-like in its grandiosity and scope, and Slipknot doesn't fail to bring the goods, proving the V1.0 of this band could definitely bring the noise. Paul starts out with the familiar bassline that some might recognize from the title track of their second album. Joey enters with a crashing beat that's as slow as it is heavy. Slow bended notes on the guitars enhance the mood. Killers are quiet indeed, but sometimes they're loud, and brutally slow. One could equate the mood here to that of a murder that's about to be played out. Tension is thick, the killer awaits with his knife in hand. Scary. After some extended sample twaddling, Anders comes back and the second section begins. More screwdrivers and power drills ease the song to its uneasy conclusion."


  • Dogfish Rising is the hidden track that plays after Killers Are Quiet.
  • Only one miniute of Killers Are Quiet live is on the internet.