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Josh Brainard, commonly known as Gnar to his band mates, was one of the original Slipknot guitarists, alongside Donnie Steele. Josh was asked to join the band after playing with Anders, Joey and Paul for several years. Originally Josh was the topping to the music produced, adding back up vocals, a touch of melody and his work on the Guitar was placed over what was already there, being mainly noise and wah pedal stuff.

Later on, however, Mick took on the 'noise' role and this caused Josh to take on a more rhythmic guitar role. Josh was present for both MFKR and the self titled album, being in both the recordings. Most people are unaware that Josh recorded all but one of the songs on the self titled album, the song he does not appear on being "Purity" which contained his replacement Jim Root. The reason Josh left the band is between him and Slipknot, they are still good friends and he didn't leave because of touring and being away from his family, this is simply a rumor.




  • Josh did auxiliary percussion on "Fur" and "Dogfish Rising".
  • He never had purple hair.
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