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Jay Weinberg (born September 8, 1990) is the current drummer for Slipknot. He is sometimes referred to as "Ballbag" by Corey Taylor and is also called "Jpeg" during the ZERO BULLSHIT stage in "Spit It Out". He is the youngest member of the band.

Early life

Jay was born on September 8th, 1990 to drummer Max Weinberg and teacher Rebecca 'Becky' Schnick. He grew up in Middletown Township, New Jersey.

He began playing guitar at age 9 then began learning bass at age 12 or 13. He then began playing drums at the age of 14, he is mostly self taught and did get some learning from his father but not much, but he used his dad's old drum kit.


Sometime after drummer Joey Jordison was fired, he auditioned for Slipknot to which it was successful. When he was announced along with new bassist Alessandro Venturella in 2014, their identities were kept secret from the public as they were only touring members and had not become official members at that point.

Sometime after joining, his identity was leaked along with Alessandro Venturella's. (although his was already revealed because fans recognised the tattoos on his hands) by a fired drum technician. He was later revealed to be the drummer by Jim Root in May 2015.




  • Jay along with V-Man were the first new members to join Slipknot since Jim Root joined in 1999.
  • Fans have noticed that Jay's mask for 'We Are Not Your Kind' is similar to that of Paul Gray.
  • Him along with V-Man use a letter instead of a number.
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