"Iowa" is the title track from Slipknot's second studio album. It is also the final track on the album.

"Iowa" is the longest song released by Slipknot, at 15:05 (not including "Scissors", which is over 19 minutes with the hidden track "Eeyore"). When the song is performed live (very rarely performed live), it is shortened to about 7:00. A live version appears on 9.0: Live. The song was performed again live in 2016, of which the entire song was played.

The song begins with samples, and then Paul Gray coming in with a repeating bass line. After a while, the drums and percussion come in and join in with the repeating bass line. Eventually, the song gets heavy. A sign of this happening is when the bass line changes, and as the cymbals start to get louder, the song gets heavier, and after a scream by Corey Taylor, the rest of the band comes in, and the real song begins.

After the three verses, the guitars fade out, and the song returns to how it "began", with Gray's repeating bass line and the percussion. Eventually, the guitars come back in, and Taylor finishes the lyrics by screaming "I WILL KILL YOU TO LOVE YOU!" Then, everyone just seems to be playing random things, but eventually gets back in sync, and then one by one stop playing, with Gray being the last to stop.


Slipknot - Iowa (Audio)

Slipknot - Iowa (Audio)

Relax, it's over
You belong to me
I fill your mouth with dirt
Relax, it's over
You can never leave
I take your second digit with me, love
You are my first
I can barely breathe
I find you fascinating
You are my favorite
Lay you down to sleep
It's all that I can do to stop, love
So blue, so broken
Paper doll decays
I haven't left you yet
So cold, subversive
Your eyes are full of bleach
Tomorrow, I will go away again, love

You are mine!
You will always be mine!
I can tear you apart!
I can recombine you!
All I want is to covet you all!
You belong to me!
I will kill you to love you!

Secret Message

There is a secret message in the song. After the verses finish and the guitars fade out, Corey Taylor can be heard screaming multiple things. One of the things he is screaming is something that sounds like "Gah making noises" repeatedly. This is actually a sample of Corey screaming played by Craig Jones. When the song is played backward, it is actually "don't look at me".