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Greg "Cuddles" Welts was Slipknot's second percussionist. He joined the band in September 1997, shortly after Anders Colsefni had left. His time with the band was short, however. In June or July 1998, Greg decided to leave the band. This was due to his relationship with Joey Jordison's sister Katie at the time, which coincided with the life on tour. His successor was Brandon Darner.

Before joining Slipknot, he worked as a tattoo artist for David "DaVo" Wilkins. Both are depicted in the booklet of Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.


Greg wore a baby mask, which resulted in the nicknames "Cuddles, "The Baby" or "Babyface".

He wanted a mask that was similar to Devo's Booji Boy (or "dutch" boy) mask.

Click here for an interview with Greg Welts - go to question 9 where he talks about his mask


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