Donnie Steele was the original guitarist for Slipknot recruited even before Josh Brainard. He played guitar on their independent demo Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat.Before Slipknot, Steele was also in a band with current Slipknot member Mick Thompson, and former Slipknot Members Paul Gray and Anders Colsefini called Body Pit. Steele left the band primarily because he had alot on his mind spiritually and other parts of his life needed alot more attention.

After the death of the band's bassist, Paul Gray, Donnie Steele rejoined Slipknot as a touring bassist. Jim Root revealed that he was involved with a few of the studio recordings of ".5 The Gray Chapter" but had ultimatley declined to rejoin Slipknot full-time in favor of starting a family with his wife. He was replaced by Alessandro Venturella as the band's bassist.

Personal Life and Career

Donnie Steele was born in Des Moines, Iowa with his father living out in the country and his mother living in the city. He first took interest in playing guitar when he was 13 but did not get his first guitar until the age of 14 and loved it from the first minute. He was open minded with his music, playing metal, rock, blues and classical.

He initally took lessons, but in 1988 he started working in Ye Olde Guitar Shop in Des Moines, Iowa and still teaches lessons there to this day.

Donnie was in several bands in high school, a christian rock band being one of them. He eventually ended up in a band with Paul Gray and Ernie McGinn that eventually dissolved. Eventually Paul Gray invited Donnie to the band "Body Pit." and eventually ended up in Slipknot.

After he departured from Slipknot, however he has been in many bands. Most notable of which being Killpact with Ernie McGinn, who eventually passed away. He is currently recording a progressive metal, fusion instrumental project with Nick Medina.

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