During the Vol. 3 era Slipknot introduced their "Death masks", these masks were latex castings of their own faces. Originally they were used in promotional photos taken at the Houdini mansion, where they recorded Vol. 3, the masks were also used in the music video for the single "Vermilion". During which, when the band members wear the masks the protagonist sees them whenever everything else around her is moving too fast. Also, during live performances of the song the band members change in to their death masks. However they have only ever played "Vermilion" live in 2004-2005 and it remains to be seen if they will wear their death masks when they perform in after the AHIG era.

The only band member to wear a "Death Mask" during the All Hope Is Gone Tour 2009 is Craig Jones, and he only wears the mask while playing "Purity."slipknot..

Paul: They are masks of our faces. They are way scarier than our other masks. It's weird because the expressions on the death masks don't move. They look kind of dead. It was born in the studio. Someone said, 'Let's make masks of our own faces! Let's do it.' Some other people in the band were like, 'Why? It's not like we're really wearing masks, because it's our faces. But we are. For the people who didn't want to 'show' their faces, it wasn't like a big deal. It's a middle finger to the people who think it's weird that Corey [Taylor] went out without his mask in Stone Sour. Who cares about that stuff? I think they are so strange looking when you put them on. The expression never changes. And it's creepy. Because no one is ever that expressionless. It is like taking a still photo and putting it on our faces.