The actual SR Audio Studios demo of the 1997 sessions.


Unnoficial Art Work created by Finnur of

Crowz cd

This is a "Crowz" recording owned by a close friend of Anders, "Revelation".

"Crowz" is the nickname given by the community for the unreleased, and highly speculated Slipknot demo that was recorded at SR Audio Studios in 1997, and held only by family members and close friends of the band members.

For a while, it has been known that people around the "MFKRBoard" community have had access to the tracks of these demos, there has been multiple images posted and statements proving so, although the members are rather reluctant to give it out for various reasons. Apparently, and don't quote me on this, Anders is planning on releasing these tracks sometime soon, so look forward to info on that.


It has been confirmed that the following tracks where recorded at the SR Audio Studio in 1997 and printed only a minute number of times as a personal demo.

1. Slipknot/Gently - 8:38

2. Me Inside - 2:52

3. Do Nothing / Bitchslap - 4:16

4. Coleslaw - 2:15

5. Only One - 3:12

6. Prosthetics (misspelled as "Prosthesis" on CD) - 5:40

7. Carve - 3:57

8. Tattered And Torn - 2:39

9. Windows - 3:49

10. Interloper - 2:58

11. Scissors - 8:04

A story from Anders Colsefini

Dark it was, so dark and chilly around late november i think... it was late november. Anyway i was walking home from whatever the hell it was that i was doing that evening, i had no car as a matter of fact, i still have no car. But what im trying to say is i rounded the corner that leads to my pad and i took maybe five steps and came to a complete halt. The entire street appeared to be alive writhing around in sinewy shadow like from the trees as well i noticed that whatever they were noticed me too because they all stopped making the noise they were making and turned their eyes collectively at me. My blood went to ice and i thought about turning around and running. I stood there facing the mass there must have been a couple hundred thousand of them and they were really paying close attention to me i think i almost sauced in my pants!I chose not to run away instead i inched my way closer hoping i wouldnt be bitten cause god knows if those fuckers have diseases i was no more then ten steps away from them and they hadnt moved yet. So i started wondering what the hell i should do next when all of a sudden the one closest to me let out a blood curdlings quawk that echoed into the cold night about three seconds later the entire body answered in unison with the same sound and immediately lights from the neighborhood houses began popping onto see what the hell had made such a loud hideous noise. It seemed to me like they were an army and the one in front of me was the general looking out into the center of the enormous mass of black. I saw a lump that they had gathered on top of i did know why there would be something that large laying in the middle of the road for them to perch up on seeming to sense my stare in their direction. The ones that formed the lump pushed their way off the lump and into the crowd as a gesture to show me what i was thinking. Once they were off the lump i saw that what they were standing on was a mixture of red and white, but i was too far away to pick out any details once again seeming to read my mind, the group parted in the middle like moses parting the sea to create a path for me to the center of the irmoot. I felt like i was going crazy these things knew what i was thinking without using any of the good judgement that i had always prided myself in having. I carefully walked into the black insanity towards the objects i lent lay waiting at the center just as each step brought me closer each step also made my vision clearer as to what i was looking at twenty feet away. I knew what it was but i didnt stop walking, i had to be certain, i had to be sure, i could not be mistaken is it whtat i think i thought it is? c r o w s Yes it was and my heart gave way to complete and utter sadness at the sight before me as i looked down upon the remains off our small children that had mostly be endevoured i momentarily forgot about the abomination that surrounded me. I didnt notice the convenient path way closing back up behind me nor did i witness the saliva dripping from the carnivorous mouths. They were still hungry and they had developed an appetite for humans, i began to weep for these young ones when the first flew up to my shoulder and began snipping at my ear, quickly followed a couple more. Soon i was enveloped in the black mass but i couldnt feel anything at all i had possibly witnessed the worst thing imagineable and i couldnt feel anything, nothing, not anything except for a wave of dizziness that passed over me and a bright light glaring at me though the holes between them. All off a sudden i heard the unmistakeable sound of a car hornblasting and i thought for a moment that i was saved when the giant group took to the air. They had been scared off by the cars lights and horn. Since i couldnt feel anything it took me a minute to realize that they had taken me with them.!