"Clan" is a bootleg album released under the Slipknot Name.

Album Cover

Clan, appears to be a mix of remixes, songs from "Crowz" and songs by other artists. All the songs by other artists on the album are of very low quality and its easy to tell Corey from the other vocalist. Remixes like "Wait And Bleed (Bloody Mess Mix) are of low quality, with simply the song ran through a "Phazer" while ones like "Wait And Bleed(Terry Date Remix)" are official remixes that appeared in Wait And Bleed [EP] and others.

Track List

  1. "No Life"
  2. "Prosthetics"
  3. "Fall"[1]
  4. "Confessions"
  5. "Spit it Out [Remix]"
  6. "Look At Me"[2]
  7. "Sucks"[3]
  8. "Interloper [Digipack]"
  9. "Predict"[4]
  10. "Switch [Skn'Libz'Panthera]"[5]
  11. "Wait And Bleed [Terry Date Remix]"
  12. "Wait And Bleed (Bloody Mess Remix)"
  13. "Gently" (Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat version)
  14. "Coleslaw [demo]"


  1. A song from Finger Eleven's The Greyest of Blue Skies album, originally called "Suffocate".
  2. A song from Sepultura's Roots album, originally called "Lookaway".
  3. A song from KFMDM's Angst album.
  4. A song from Slipknot's Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat album, originally called "Slipknot".
  5. A song from Stock 7's untitled EP.