Andrew Rouw
Number position None
Nickname(s) Corn Wallace
Born April 15, 1972
Joined 1995-1997
Occupations Vocals / Percussion
Masks Electrical tape on face

Anders performing live

Anders Colsefni (real name Andy Rouw) was the original lead vocalist of the heavy metal group Slipknot. He was replaced by Corey Taylor after their self-released debut Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat because they wanted a less beastly voice in order to get more airtime on radio station. Anders formed Painface and was in the band during On A Pale Horse. Despite leaving Slipknot, he has a very close friendship with Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson.

After MFKR, Slipknot believed that, in order to find a major label, they needed a more radio friendly voice (they said Anders's grunts were like Max Cavalera's), so they found Corey Taylor. The band still wanted Anders to perform backing vocals and percussion, but got tired of the idea and he quit publicly before Slipknot was signed to Roadrunner Records.

Anders is now in a band with the temporary name "Vice Grip Throttle." They have a demo EP recorded that will remain under wraps for now, as they are recording their first album in December 2005. Three samples can be heard from the band's website , along with a contest to determine the band's new name. Users will submit a band name that they came up with, and the band will use that name. The person will win a bundle of things (See website for more information). "Vice Grip Throttle" recently decided to stick with their temporary name despite the "Rename VGT" contest saying "It just makes too much sense, considering our style and personalities."


In place of wearing a mask like most Slipknot members, Anders wore electrical tape on his face, paint on his flesh, and a fur skin skirt. The tape was inspired from Dogfish Rising, where Shawn rips tape to make a special noise. The get-up was only worn on special occasions.


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